Vampire Dragons (male) Vampire Dragons (female)
1.gif Night Leech 1.gif Night Vampiress
1.gif Count Hydra 1.gif Bubbling Blood
1.gif Lord Farkas 1.gif Lady Rozalia
1.gif The Vampire of Christmas Past 1.gif Immortal Arlenn Dorkface-Riddle
1.gif Deadly Guardian 1.gif Forever Fyre
1.gif Edgar Allan Crow 1.gif Blood Bank Nurse
1.gif Lord Lyle 1.gif Bloody Marie
1.gif Kenny Vance 1.gif Night Daughter
1.gif Tony Scarface 1.gif Se'Chaos
1.gif Danny Dorkface 1.gif Countess Lucy Westenra
1.gif Job Jokull 1.gif Countess Maria
1.gif Darkskull 1.gif Zarifa Firestorm

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