Summer Seasonal Dragons (male) Summer Seasonal Dragons (female)
1.gif Little Sunspot 1.gif Princess Running Water
1.gif Memories of Thunder 1.gif Princess Boiling Water
1.gif Gaius Octavius 1.gif Hopeful Dawn
1.gif Runs With Scissors 1.gif Sugar Pea
1.gif Summer Peak 1.gif Summer Sweetheart
1.gif Big Brave Buffalo 1.gif Summer Song of Sweetness
1.gif Great Bear 1.gif Zoe of the Amazon
1.gif Big Chief Mauling Bear 1.gif Nancy Ninja
1.gif Summer Eagle 1.gif Shiny Olive
1.gif Gaul Stone 1.gif Peaceful Ithica
1.gif Tame Hawk 1.gif Jayne of the Morning
1.gif Regal Yodel 1.gif Valley Ivy

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