Pink Dragons (male) Pink Dragons (female)
1.gif Master of the Dance 1.gif Little Ballet
1.gif Intelligent Little Song 1.gif Dancing Electric Indigo
1.gif Forgotten Dance 1.gif Dainty Dancer
1.gif Master of Moonlight 1.gif Dainty Arlenn
1.gif Skylar Windsoar 1.gif Dancing Star
1.gif Real Men Wear Lavendar Pink 1.gif Kira Stardance
1.gif Dancing Xerox 1.gif Candy Bliss
1.gif Starr Song 1.gif Dancing Cuteness
1.gif Dancing Danny 1.gif Ebony Stardance
1.gif Prancing Starr 1.gif Eva Stardance
1.gif Christmas Vladimir 1.gif Sweet Dance
1.gif Aulus Persius Flaccus 1.gif Judi Stardance

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