Citrus Pool

Lonely Hearts Breeding Pool

The Citrus Lineage HQ

A Citrus dragon must be descended from Tangerine Stardust and Lemon Lime Stardust, and may only be bred to dragons which are pure magi, pink, neotropical, canopy, and gold. Find a mate for your even-gen Citrus (or any Citrus!) here.

To Request a Breeding
The list is organized alphabetically by breeder at the moment. PM the breeder on the forums to request an egg. Everything is up to the breeder's discretion, this is just a contact list.

To List Your Dragons
This list is officially open to even-gen dragons right now, and may open to non-even-gen citrus-eligible dragons later. To list your citrus-colored stock, please help me out by filling out the following form and PM to me here. You are signing up to be PMed with requests by listing here.

Scroll name:
Forum name:
Please list each dragon by name or code below.
Male Dragons (G1):
name (color)
Female Dragons (G1):
Male Dragons (G2):
Female Dragons (G2):

If you have set pairs, use this form:

Scroll name:
Forum name:
Please list each pair of dragons by their names or codes below.
Breeding Pairs (G1):
name (color) x name (color)
Breeding Pairs (G2):

And Now, The List:

Blackberry57's Citrus-Eligible Dragons
Scroll name:Blackberry57
Forum name:Blackberry57

Male Dragons: (G1)
Neo's Nebula (neo)
grapefruit stardust (pink)
Saturns autumn (magi)
Sunny's tide (pink)

Female Dragons: (G1)
Neo's Nebulae (neo)
Lemon stardust smoothie (gold)
grapefruit starfire (pink)

Female Dragons: (G2)
Flower's sunrise (pink x pink)

Earthgirl's Cirtus Eligible Dragons
Scroll name:Earthgirl
Forum name:same

Male Dragons (G1)

Female Dragons (G1)
Super Green Thumb(neo)
Klaudina (pink)
Cebella (pink)

Germelia's Citrus-Eligible Dragons
Scroll name: Germelia
Forum name: Germelia

Male Dragons (G1):
Berlingo Vino Rose (pink)
Bakari Coconut Dragon (neo)

Female Dragons (G1):
Aviva Vera Tropicala (neo), currently set mate of citrus dragon
Bailey Banana Beach (neo)
Carola Amira Rose (pink)

Lilali's Citrus-Eligible Dragons
Scroll name:londinensa
Forum name:lilali

Male Dragons (G1):
(Magi) tdWU
(Pink) vSV0

Female Dragons (G1):
(Magi) Cobreloa
(Neo) 7cL1
(Pink) wY4Y

Sadako's Citrus-Eligible Dragons
Scroll name:Sadako
Forum name:same

Male Dragons: (G1)
SDK The Legend of Xandir (canopy)
SDK Citroen (neo)
SDK Pennyroyal of Adare (pink)
SDK Calydor of Antrim (pink)
SDK Boru of Armagh (pink)

Female Dragons: (G1)
Lgdv (Canopy)
SDK Penelope of Adare (pink)
SDK Caledonia of Antrim (pink)
SDK Bodecia of Armagh (pink)

Male Dragons: (G2)
SDK The Bruce of Ballinakil (pink x pink)

Female Dragons: (G2)
SDK Rhegadia (magi x gold)
SDK Ioma of Bledlow (pink x pink)


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