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Thank you for your kind words. :-)
It it always very nice to know that my work is apreciated, and I'm really glad that others find thie guide as useful as I do. :-)

Re: Breed Guide Update by LastaldaLastalda, 21 May 2014 18:42

I really wish there was a kudos option because the whole thing is just jawdroppingly amazing what you have done. Thank you so much for your efforts and work, it is to you that we benefit from the website. v___v

cry havoc, i care not

Re: Breed Guide Update by _lumenstrell_lumenstrell, 12 Apr 2014 10:32

Welcome Nrogara!

Well, the code here is basic wiki-code (in wikidot's implementation, as wiki-code is sadly not very standardized across prlatforms). You can find the full documentation [url= here] and the Quick Reference here.

However, the best thing to really do is start by creating a breeder's page, and then try and play around until you like the result. :)

To do that, you klick on the "Breeders" menu above, and enter your Scrollname, then click "Create page". That will lead you to a blanko form which you can then extend.
You can leave everything in and just add to it, or create from scratch. This is highly customizable and not standardized at all, so don't worry.

Whenever you want to see how what you have so far looks, click "Preview" or "Save" on the bottom of the page. Don't worry too much - you can always change it and continue to change it, so nothing's ever set in stone. :)

Just play around and see what you come up with. :)

I just joined, and I know nothing about coding, so I am confused. How do I get the correct pictures on my dragon's page? How to I get to drafts I've made? Pages I've made? Is there a certain rhyme/rhythm/reasoning behind the code that I can learn? Which parts do I take out and replace with my stuff and which do I leave in? Is there an online coding reference I can read that would help me out? Sorry I know that's a lot of questions but I am really lost here. :S

Totally new and confused :) by NrogaraNrogara, 30 Jan 2013 01:46

And DONE! :)
The Breed Guide is now officially completely up-to-date again. :) Wow, that was a lot of work.

Everything should be right and consistent now. If you find anything that I may have overlooked or that you feel should be included, please let me know (either here or better: PM me at the DC forums under the same username as here). :-)

The new program I wrote is really helpful with updates, so I'm confident that I'll manage to include new breeds within 2 weeks of TJ's adults growing up. (I'm not doing it right away on purpose because there are often slight changes in spelling, sprites or biomes within the first days. Also, I can't say anything about breeding behaviour before there are adults around which have actually bred. :) )
If someone needs the info quicker, there's always the wiki. :-)

Tell me what you think about all this!

Re: Breed Guide Update by LastaldaLastalda, 30 May 2012 07:43

Since all sprites on the photobucket-account of Alia have vanished (or, more probably: the account itself), I have searched for all the old sprites and they're now safe on the same account that I've used since I've become a mod here.

That means that more than half of the breeds need to be updated. So since I'm doing that anyway, I have decided to give the breed-guide a little makeover. Notes will now no longer be plain text, but bulletpoint-like, which will hopefully make it easier to find the information one is looking for. And while I'm at it, I'm also including information about the biomes the dragons can be found in, and a link to the respective page at the DC wiki.

I don't really see this guide as competition to the wiki. They have far more information, and are updated much faster and by more people. But I still see value in this page, because (if it's updated) it has all the vital information on one page, which can be really helpful, e.g. when cavehunting.
To me, this page works best as complementing the wiki, not competing with it, which is why I'm adding the links.

(This is still a work in progress, I'll complete it as I find the time.)

If anyone is still reading here: tell me what you think about the changes! All thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated! :-)

Breed Guide Update by LastaldaLastalda, 25 May 2012 12:55

All dragons up to Turpentine have been included (1.5 years' worth of updating). I finally have written myself a little program to help me with updates, which hopefully means that new releases will get included much faster now. :)

Unfortunately many of the graphics that are not on my photobucket account but on alya's are gone now, so I'll need to update these, which will take a bit.

Re: Sprite Update Question by LastaldaLastalda, 24 May 2012 14:11
MycenaMycena 30 Oct 2011 16:03
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Mycena Clan

Please post all breeding requests using this box. I will get back to you as soon as I am able :)

Welcome by MycenaMycena, 30 Oct 2011 16:03
Tables in tabs
alabaster_demonalabaster_demon 04 Apr 2011 20:59
in discussion General / Help » Tables in tabs

Is it possible to place two tables side-by-side within a tab box?

This is what they look like now:

Table X
Stuff More Stuff
blah blah blah
Table Y
Even More Stuff Yay Stuff!
yada yada yada

I want Table X and Table Y to be next to each other, instead of having Table X first and Table Y second. Can I do that?

Tables in tabs by alabaster_demonalabaster_demon, 04 Apr 2011 20:59

Since dragons can be renamed now, what are we going to do regarding dragon pages?
I was thinking perhaps switching mine over to follow the dragon's four-digit code, but if everyone else is still sticking to names that wouldn't work.

Renaming Question by SolarCatSolarCat, 13 Dec 2010 13:20

Where can I go to find the most basic information about breeding and such?

Re: Breed Guide by challengecoinschallengecoins, 17 Nov 2010 10:48

10-10-10 Release and Black Marrow included.
Also finally got around to making the labels for the holiday dragons consistent.

Re: Sprite Update Question by LastaldaLastalda, 11 Nov 2010 20:37

The 55 days Release has been included.

Re: Sprite Update Question by LastaldaLastalda, 08 Sep 2010 14:19

I have finally updated all the sprites to their current form, which includes lots and lots of changes from Mod Mayhem. (Because of the new female sprites, I also re-structured the entries for Seasonal and Striped Dragons, because with the old structure the posts would have become much too wide.)

Up to this point, older versions of sprites have always been included where possible. (See "Waters", "Blacks", "Mints" etc.) With these masses of sprite changes, though, that would make things really really crowded!
Now, what to do?

I personally feel that having a well-structured arrangement of the current sprites is more important than the history aspect, so I deleted any older sprites from the guide.

However, I have saved the old sprites to my computer before replacing them. I'm not aware of any other DC site that features them, so I kinda feel like we shouldn't let them disappear completely.
Right now I can think of two things:

(a) putting them in a folder of the Photobucket account I use to store all newer sprites, and putting a link somewhere on the Breed Guide, saying "For older sprite versions, please look HERE".

(b) for all breeds that had sprite changes, put a line with "old sprites: …" below the table where their current sprites are arranged.

What do you guys think? Opinions? Other suggestions?

(This also means, the Breed Guide is for now Up to Date. Yay!)

Sprite Update Question by LastaldaLastalda, 17 Aug 2010 14:36

Finally found time to include the "Beat the Summer Heat" release dragons (spitfire & waverunner).

Thank you for your work.

Since Alia is quite busy but was so kind to give me Mod access, I am now able to update the Breed Guide (and other things that need updating).
I have included all breeds from the last two releases (Mod Mayhem and the June release). If somebody spots a mistake or something still missing, please let me know. :-)

I plan to update all the sprites to their current form, too, but it will take a bit of time. (Practically all egg sprites are outdated, and all the new gender dimorphism needs to be added, too. The latter of which is actually a lot more work. But I'll get to it eventually.)

What I didn't do is come up with colour codes for the new species. I have never used them so am not sure whether they're actually needed. If anyone wants them and would like to make a suggestion, please do. (Remember, max. 2 colours per species, to stay in keeping with the already established codes. Also, 3 colours means more formatting work. ;-) )

My main focus, though, is the breed guide, because I think it's awesome and needed, and there is no other DC breed-guide that holds so much information so well-structured. So I really want to keep it alive and running. :-)

I wanted to update my list of pairings on my page, but I noticed that the new dragons don't have color codes yet, so I decided to make some. I used the color picker to make these.

Bright Breasted Wyvern (659634, fe6a50, 2fd7b5)
Hellfire Female (63423d, 4d457a, bcefe4)
((Apparently I didn't make one for the male hellfire. which is odd considering I have a pair O.o))
Sunsong (fdfb44, d58c4b, ae29cc, 8800e0)
Nebula Female (3c3c3c, 0e3c7a, 328997, cbedf1)
Nebula Male (404040, 0b107d, 8007cf, da48da, ffb6ff)
SweetLing (f4dfe3, df3754)

Whoops! I'm here! :D (Heart of Snow/Seasons Love)

Nearly all the egg sprites have been updated. There are new female sprites for the seasonals - daydream - water - storm(fog) - tropical - black - geode and stripes The sprite has also chaged on purples as there are now male purples. Several other sprites have been 'tweaked.'

Here is a thread that will help

Re: Breed Guide by FosterMomFosterMom, 30 Mar 2010 19:25
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