Breed: White
Egg Laid On: Nov. 25, 2009
Hatched On: Nov. 29, 2009
Grew Up On: Dec. 2, 2009
Generation: 2nd
Mate: None

Description: Pure and kind, Maia'Sha is the heart of the dragon clan. She cares for others with little regards to herself. The very embodiment of hope, she seems to find the best in any situation. Her only true flaw is that she cannot take action when the time calls for it. Seeing duality in all things causes her to be very indecisive, and unable to form her own opinions. Though her immense wisdom keeps her from bending to the will of others. Maia'Sha's has no current mate.


Sire 23m68ly.jpg
Jallyra Ty'Sha
Elmi Ty'Sha
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Offspring Gender Dam ncxz5x.jpg/Sire 23m68ly.jpg
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Breeding Records

Sire 23m68ly.jpg Date Breed Egg 1 Egg 2 Egg 3 Egg 4
Valienth Dorkface Jan. 8 White No Interest
Valienth Dorkface Jan. 15 White No Interest

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