Hinata Natsuki Riko

Hinata Natsuki Riko
gEJp.gif Breed: Gold
Gender: 125rerp.jpg
Egg Stolen On: Nov 22, 2008
Hatched On: Nov 26, 2008
Grew Up On: Nov 29, 2008
Generation: 1
Mate: Ryuunosuke Takashi Sho

Name Meaning

Hinata: From Japanese 向日葵 "sunflower" or 陽向 "facing the sun". This name is often written ひなた using the hiragana writing system.
Natsuki: From Japanese 菜 (na) "vegetables, greens" and 月 (tsuki) "moon". Alternatively, it can come from 夏 (natsu) "summer" and 希 (ki) "hope".
Riko: From Japanese 莉 (ri) "jasmine" or 理 (ri) "truth" combined with 子 (ko) "child".


Dam 125rerp.jpg Sire w2hdmh.jpg
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Progeny Gender Sire w2hdmh.jpg
Culurien Laurelin
w2hdmh.jpg 1.gif
Ryuunosuke Takashi Sho
GoldenMagi eABb f
w2hdmh.jpg 1.gif
Ryuunosuke Takashi Sho
Mr Orange Dragon Boy Who Is Cool
w2hdmh.jpg 1.gif
Ryuunosuke Takashi Sho
On Fiya
w2hdmh.jpg 1.gif
Ryuunosuke Takashi Sho
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Breeding Records

Dam 125rerp.jpg Sire w2hdmh.jpg Date Time Egg 1 Egg 2 Egg 3 Egg 4
gEJp woxi 01/03/09 18:45 No Interest
gEJp woxi 03/04/09 23:11 No Egg
gEJp H34T 03/12/09 20:23 Refused
gEJp 0Sgn 04/06/09 17:00 Refused
gEJp EZ02 04/16/09 15:28 Refused
gEJp woxi 04/26/09 23:37 XnQu N/A N/A N/A
gEJp woxi 05/09/09 03:07 RnPp N/A N/A N/A

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