Hiapo 'Ohana
Name Meaning: first-born child; family, relative, kin group
Egg Laid On: March 09, 2009
Hatched On: March 14, 2009
Grew Up On: March 18, 2009
Generation: 2
Mate: Ho'opunipuni 'Ohana


Mother Father
1.gif 1.gif
Lele Koke 'Ohana Maka'u 'Ohana


Dame Offspring
1.gif 1.gif
Ho'opunipuni 'Ohana Pali Loa 'Ohana
1.gif 1.gif
Ho'opunipuni 'Ohana Ho'okamaha'o 'Ohana

Breeding Results

Breeding Projects

This dragon is part of the Black & Vine Lineage Project.


Hiapo had always longed for a sibling. Even from a young age he was a dragon that craved a certain amount of companionship. It was an urge that his parents couldn't satisfy; he'd never found a way to really relate to either of them. He didn't share his mother's love of fighting, and his father was no less irritable to him than he was to any other dragon. With no way to relate to either parent - and with neither parent playing what one would call an active parenting role - Hiapo found himself frequently on his own and lonely. He formed some friendships with other dragons, most notably Ho'opunipuni, who he later mated himself to. A quiet dragon, he is not quick to anger but he is quick to defend, and will attack any that he perceives is threatening his mate, or his children. Perhaps because of his own father's rather neglectful parenting, Hiapo has vowed to give all of his children as much attention as they will ever desire - and, in some cases, perhaps more.

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