Danny Frillarino

Danny Frillarino, named for both 'Vinnie Barbarino' from the hit TV show "Welcome Back, Kotter" and 'Danny Zuko' from the movie "Grease", is a bit of a ladies man. He has a strange fascination with tight bell-bottom pants, open neck polyester shirts and gold chains. His favorite music is currently the soundtracks for "Saturday Night Fever", "Grease" and "Staying Alive". If one were to visit his cave (when he's absent of course) you will find a shrine dedicated to the many faces of John Travolta. Ask him who his favorite John Travolta character may be, he would tell you without hesitation that it's 'Vincent Vega' from "Pulp Fiction" - but only on Wednesdays. Well no one would dare argue with him about it - after all, he IS a big dragon.


Danny Frillarino
1.gif Breed: Frill
Gender: male.png
Egg Stolen/Laid On: May.24.2009
Hatched On: May.31.2009
Grew Up On: June.04.2009
Generation: 1st
Mate: None


Dam female.png Sire male.png


Female Offspring: -
- - - -
Male Offspring: -
- - - -
Ungendered: -
- - - -
Deceased: -
- - - -

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