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Scroll/Forum name: whoeverxwins
Timezone: US Central
About: I joined in October (I think) 2008 and quickly got hooked on Dragon Cave. I now have around 300 dragons, some of them special lineages (Dorkface, Thuwed, Ridiculous, Forbidden). I breed whenever I feel like it or if I have a request. Feel free to contact me with a request of any kind. The only thing I ask is if you request a rare breeding, please be prepared to take a common if that is all that results. If you will do this, I will add you to a list for any random rares I may be able to breed. When requesting something, please be unlocked or able to tell me when you will be unlocked (and if you do that, please don't then go and pick something up and lock yourself again, leaving me with the egg).



Requests & Gifts

I know it is hard for people to remain unlocked. So, on these lists, whoever unlocks first will get the breedings first. I don't feel it's fair to hold up everyone on the list waiting for someone to unlock.

Sorry, but the vampires are not currently available for biting. I plan to use them for Secret Santa gifts and The Replacement Project.

In order to help TRP, I will be alternating rare breedings with listers and TRP needs.

Touched by a Ridiculous Angel Green Striped (breeds with purebred Red Striped) last bred Dec 10 - white egg gifted to SS
Ahavah gifted Oct 8, 2009
twokeen gifted Nov 15, 2009
Vomuco Fihfco Thuwed Purple (breeds with CB Silver) last bred Dec 28 - no interest
sparkdragon gifted Oct 6, 2009
SilverBells gifted Nov 8, 2009
Duskspoken gifted Oct 22, 2009
Trick or Treat Thuwed Magi (Magi x Black lineage) (breeds w/magi x black lineaged Black) last bred Dec 28 - not interested
Shining Pearl Blackthorn Thuwed (even 4th gen PB White Striped) breeds with Topaz Tigris (even 4th gen PB Blue Striped) last bred Dec 28 - no interest
Bloodyrose13 gifted Nov 4, 2009
Juujinx gifted Nov 14, 2009
Uikimd Couloj Thuwed (Autumn, 3rd gen Thuwed) (will mate with Christmas '08) last bred Dec 28 - no interest
sara4cows gifted Nov 15, 2009
Will o wisp (Silver) x NyteHunter (Alt Black) available Nov 12
Dorkface Reinstated (Silver) x Doubly Forbidden (Albino) bred Dec 28 - 2 albinos
Chimera Dorkface (Split) last bred Dec 28 - no interest
unitcommand gifted Nov 15, 2009
Forbidden Treasure (Gold) last bred Dec 28 to Rhath - no interest
Stocking Stuffer CR (Christmas '08) x Cottonwood (Autumn)
Pearly Pusselgus Tigris (White Striped) last bred Dec 28 - no interest
Santa Gianna Beretta Molla (White with White x Gold lineage) breed with Hemaraj (CB Gold) can breed Nov 23
Zuto udt Wect Thuwed (even 3rd gen PB Green Striped) seeking mate

Gold (already accepted a common from gold x pairing)
Gabby6969 (silver or gold)
paul1235 silver gifted Nov 21, 2009
DCAddict (no contact when silver was bred)

Lineage Dragons

Departures? Use

Dragons decended from the site creator's scroll (TJ09)

Cut0 Lumfaho Thuwed Vampire *breeds for SS & TRP only
Shining Pearl Blackthorn Thuwed White Striped even 4th gen PB stripe
Vaer Modaer Thuwed Red Striped even 4th gen PB stripe
Zuto udt Wect Thuwed Green Striped even 3rd gen PB stripe
Vomuco Fihfco Thuwed Purple *purple/silver lineage
Fadb Dorkface Thuwed Pink
Trick or Treat Thuwed Magi *magi x black lineage
Fall Colors Thuwed Magi *magi x black lineage
Muwa Dusk Dorkface Thuwed Magi
Uikimd Couloj Thuwed Autumn 3rd gen, each season + holly
Xehjo Dusk Thuwed Dragon Horse
Messed Up Dorkface N Vine inbred frozen hatchie

Other dragons

Breedable rare dragons - golds, silvers, limited (Valentine, Yulebuck).

Tlanuwa Thunder *Cave born
Helce Valie Ice Dragon *Cave born
Runya Vende Magma *Cave born
Nisse o Lach Magma *Cave born
Molten Glass Magma
Lodemai of Slovakia Vampire *Cave born
Lakshman Gold
Seeking Fame and Fortune Gold
Hemaraj Gold *Cave born
Hemangini CR Gold
Strike it Rich CR Gold
Hemang CR Gold
Kintan CR Gold *Cave born
Hemendra CR Gold
Hema Gold
Hemadri CR Gold
Dhanesh Gold
It Stole My Name Gold
Money Maker CR Gold
Galilahi CR Gold
Golden Winter CR Gold
Amazed and Confused Gold
Lost Boy Gold inbred
Will o Wisp Silver
Balachandra Silver *Cave born
Simply Silver Silver
Moon Spell Silver inbred
Aranck Silver inbred
Quicksilver CR Silver
Deepti CR Silver *Cave born
Chandrika CR Silver
Twenty Questions Silver
Miakoda CR Silver inbred
Catori CR Silver inbred
Magical Dancer Silver inbred
Smilin' Mike Alt Black
NyteHunter Alt Black
Cheveyo Alt Black
B My Valentine Valentine '09 *Cave born
Feliz Navidad CR Christmas '08 *Cave born
Stocking Stuffer CR Christmas '08 *Cave born
Small Sugar Pumpkin *Cave born
Stingy Jack Pumpkin *Cave born
Doctor Finklestein Pumpkin *Cave born
Catherine Tramell Pumpkin *Cave born

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