Name: Maria
Timezone: EST


Requests & Gifts


Breed Name Sex Obtained Inbred (how many gens back/number of repeats)
Balloon Lead Weight F CB No
Water Drugath M CB No
Frill Varix F CB No
Green Thumb F CB No
Black Trogdor Noir M AP Yes 8/1
Skywing Cosai del Aire M AP Yes 3/1
Purple Dorsal Abaxial M CB (picked up from AP) No
Whip Tail Mongo Kidogo M CB No
Sunrise Jonesy M CB No
Silver Sterling Puzzle F Won in puzzle game No
Striped-blue Craquelura F AP No
White Higashiyama Different M AP Yes 7/1
White unnamed TBD AP No
Seasonal- Spring Phytol M CB No
Seasonal- Spring Sweet Actions M AP No
Red Rositsa Bibiyan F AP No
Daydream Altjeringa M CB No
Sunset Sylent Twilight F Bred (Jonesy x Craquelura) No
Magi Firaga Magi F CB (picked up from AP) No
White Citais F AP No
Black Kraellicia F AP No
Red Dorsal unnamed TBD CB (Picked up from AP) No
Seasonal- Summer unnamed TBD CB No

Breeding Records

Name Breed Origin/sex date bred result
Jonesy Sunrise CB-M
6/20/09 1 sun egg-hatched sunset
Craquelura Blue Striped 1st gen-F
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