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Name: Sylae. I'm also known as Trope, Imaginary and Lynden.
Contact: DC Forums - PM Trope or click Here. You can also leave a comment here, and if you're a bit lucky, you'll find me on the DC Fansite Trade Chat.
Scroll link: Sylae, or number 281725.
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About: Dragons, breeding, Syfr and everything DC related!


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Hello, and welcome to my Wiki. Here, I'll try to keep my Dragons organised. My breedings will be listed under the 'Breeding' tab, my Dragons under the 'Dragons' tab. If you want to request an egg of mine, you can contact me through the DC Forums. My Forum Name is Trope. Feel free to drop me a line! What I have up for adoption will be listed below. You may also find eggs of mine in TGT, M&M&M and the MEGC. Links are listed below.

Eggs/Hatchlings up for adoption: None atm.

Please note that most of my Dragons are partnered. Who a Dragon's partner is can be found on the Dragon's profile page, and you can also find a list of partners under the Breeding tab. I will not swap partners!

Visit the 'Projects' tab to see in which project I am currently participating, and what Dragons have been produced for the project so far.
Projects: None atm.

I am co-owner and Breeder for M&M&M Breeding, be sure to visit us one of these days. :3

About Syfr: You may or may not have noticed that all of my Dragons carry the prefix "Syfr". "Syfr" is derived from the word صفر, "Sifr", meaning zero. The word "sifr" is also the basis for "Cipher", meaning code. Sifr Fran is also one of the main characters in the Mai Otome 0~S.ifr~ anime (舞-乙HiME 0~S.ifr~), which I like like very much. I chose the prefix Syfr because Sifr in the anime is a very kind (and naieve) girl (like the girl that gets abducted by the Dragon), but also because of it's meaning, zero. Zero is something that cannot be divided, the basis of all things, and yet nothing. It's mysterious. Dragons are also a mystery to us humans. We are so intrigued by them, yet we don't know if they are real. Hence, Syfr.

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