Name: SuzukaShin
Contact: moc.liamg|nihsakuzus#liamE | Forum PM
Scroll: Here
Timezone: GMT. Usually around from 2pm to 10pm. Almost always around past 8pm.


Currently not breeding: Metallics. I have too few and I need some replacements for a couple of dragons.

Won't breed: Alts. That would involve my keeping the egg and waiting for it to hatch. You're welcome to ask me for black/vine eggs, though, and see if you get lucky.

There is no breeding data before late November 2009 because I stopped using DC for a while and when I came back my scroll when through some heavy remodelling to the point I couldn't keep the old data.
Adding data from 22/11/2009 onwards.

General Stats


Breeding Conditions

  • If you need an egg, either send me a PM or an email.
  • You must be able to claim the egg in the next 48 hours.
  • I don't have any specific breeding times, I breed on demand.
  • No killing.
  • If the egg ends up gendering wrong or not being what you needed, you're free to freeze it, trade it or gift it.
  • Only two requests from the same user per month, unless the breeding resulted in failure.

How to Request

Send me a DC PM or email with the following info:

  • Forum name (if you email me)
  • Desired dragon
  • Pair to breed (if you have any preference)
  • Timezone
  • When you're available to receive it

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Dragons & Breeding Data

Updated every Sunday.

Request Data


The Replacement Project trpbanner1ani.gif

Have you lost your dragon in a trade? Drop us a word, we'll be happy to replace it!
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Forum Lineages

"Chibi" Lineage - Pygmy dragons! 2jg8nyd.png

A lineage of Pygmy dragons. Naming scheme follows the alphabetic order.
If you like pygmy dragons, this is the lineage for you!
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SparkleDorkface? Sparkleface meets Dorkface FTW 28akb9j.gif

The starting pair is male gold Kogane Sparkleface and female white Shirohane Dorkface.
Kogane's father is named Sparkleface Awesomepants. Need I say more?
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Final Fantasy Lineage ap7bx1.gif

A lineage for FF fans. Join now! :>
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The Peppermint Effect 20feseb.gif

"Ages ago, I was talking with one of my dragoncave friends, and I don't know how we came up with the idea, but I wanted to have a mint dragon lineage.
'The Peppermint' is the mother, whilst 'Effect' is the father, so on one of their children's page, it would say 'The Peppermint Effect' when you read the parents' names.
They are both caveborn. I have decided to spread the Pepperminty goodness, and gift the eggs of this couple to anyone who wants them."
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Pink Flights Lineage pinkflight.gif

"This lineage is for Pink dragons. All dragons within the project will have a shade of pink or something that is the colour pink as the first part of their name (eg: rose,pig) and flight as the suffix. There are two generations currently.The starting parents are Cherry and Amaranth Flight. They have had one egg, but will have more."
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The Fight Against Child Hunger Project 34rc6rc.jpg

"Child Hunger, and ANY hunger is a big problem around the world. So, i have decided to create a lineage to set up awareness around the forums of hunger. This idea was cooking in my brain when i joined the Pure New Pink Breast Cancer Hope Lineage, and now i would like to start one to raise awareness about hunger as well."
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The Budding Line of Rose-a-Vints

"This is somewhat Dorkface-style, all dragons descending from Eleanor Rose-a-Vint (UBdM) and Ice Blue Water (OfI2), regardless of what generation they are.
Truth be told, Eleanor Rose-A-Vint is a 2nd gen mint, who's parents are Franklin Delano Rose-a-Mint FDR (male, 7FDr) and Vinterlik of Greenlawn (female, XbGI)"
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The Man of Mansome oqxj0x.gif

"My friend Zylaa has a lineage, and since it's getting more and more dragons, I decided to make a thread for it! (with her permission, of course~)

The name originated when my friend Crystal and Zylaa were talking, and Zylaa's pink gendered male. Thus, Manly Man of Mansome was born!"
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Full Metal Alchemist Lineage jzfax2.jpg

"Hey All!
Being the insane idiot i am, i was thinking about creating a FMA (Full Metal Alchemist) Lineage!
Yeah, im crazy. Tell me about it.
It was a spur of a moment idea, so actually, im not prepared for it.
We'll discuss it here, and iof enough people like it, i'll create a prject account, and just start it up.

Here's the plan for now:
Riza : CB Winter, CB black if i can find one.
Roy : CB Red. Prolly Not Changing.
Izumi : CB Vine or Pebble. Due for big changes.
Sig : CB Balloon. Prolly Not Changing.
Hoenheim : CB Magi. Unless that CB gold comes to me!
Trisha : CB pink or purple, prolly.

Breeds, actually, i was thinking of an all breed line, and breeding would either be with a CB or dragon of even-gens. But, if it was left the pure breeds of the starters, that'd be great!"
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Personal Lineages

The Baloola Family

An inbred personal project. People are welcome to ask for eggs.

NaClO - A Bleach Lineage

Personal Bleach (anime) lineage with CB Skywings Isshin and Masaki as the starter pair. Probably will include Waters once I get an Ichigo so I can get Speckles too.
Eggs can be requested.
All dragons have the prefix NaClO.

RoTK Lineage

Personal lineage of legendary trio dragons named after Romance of the Three Kingdoms people.
RoTK Lady Bian(Ice) + RoTK Cao Cao(Water)
RoTK Sun Jian(Magma) + CB red (have yet to catch)
RoTK Liu Bei(Thunder) + RoTK Lady Gan (Fog)
Eggs can be requested.
All dragons have the prefix RoTK.

CV Lineage

Personal lineage of CB nocturnes named after Castlevania characters with Leon Belmont and Sara Trantoul as starting pair.
Also have a vampire named Joachim Armster which will be biting eggs for the vampire characters.
Eggs can be requested.
All dragons have the prefix CV and the characters' full name is preferred.

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