I have moved all my information to my own dragon site, here.

Name: SolarCat
Contact: PM on Dragcave Forum
Scroll: SolarCat
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
About: I am me. :)
Breeding Requests: Once Teleport is implemented, I will be happy to breed for any breeding request (excluding holiday eggs). Let me know the parents (I can unfog my scroll if necessary) and I will do my best to provide you with an egg. Priority is given to those requesting for a breeding project. I reserve the right to keep or abandon the offspring if you do not respond within a reasonable time frame to retrieve your egg.


Purple_Dino-Egg.gif Egg-Christmas_07.gif Cheese-Egg.gif

Completed Dragon Collections

Click the tabs above to see my dragons! I have the full compliment of dragons I desire for all species listed under these tabs, although they may not all have dragon pages yet.

Dragons Actively Collecting

Click the tabs above to see my dragons! This page is still in-work, and I am still collecting these dragon breeds, so this is not an all-inclusive list, and contains many gaps.

Dragons I Don't Have Yet

None of these pages contain dragons yet, so there's no sense to click around here!



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