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Name: SnowstarX
Contact: PM me at the DC Forum or email me moc.oohay|1rebmunoib#ereh
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Timezone: U.S. EST

About: I love breeding and trading and picking-up eggs from the AP, but collecting and caring for my growing dragons is always my main priority. I breed all types of dragons but I love breeding Geodes and Seasonals the most, and I usually only breed my dragons when I think they'd fit well together or if I want a specific result. I give my dragons personalities, quirks, stories; my scroll is a bit of a roleplay to me. I have a one dragon-one mate policy that I try hard to keep to when breeding, even if I'm breeding for specific results. When it comes to giving my dragons away, I want both the recipient and the dragon to be happy, so all I ask is that when you ask for a hatchling or egg you don't let them die. I am not opposed to freezing, releasing, or not-naming, so long as you don't kill them.


October 31, 2009- Four Harvests. I think I'm gonna trade or gift a few. They're actually kinda easy to catch. Heh. I love dragon currency.

October 13, 2009- Two Split eggies. Freak'n A. I was able to influence one of them, but my other male pinks won't be able to influence again 'till the 15th, but hopefully I'll have time. I really need a male Split. However, if you're willing to offer me something good, I'm willing to part with a Split egg.
October 12, 2009- Still not all my stuff up yet, but my Gray hatchie grew up. I really need some rares to breed though. I want to be a respectable breeder but the only rare I have is a split that I can't breed and an EarthxStone pair that produces a lot of Geodes. And since the Pinks are no longer part of the Wrecking Ball list, I'm thinking I'm gonna go rare hunting this week.
October 11, 2009- All of my breeding information is up and ready except for the dragons and pairings. This should be up by tomorrow at latest. Also, my pink male has grown-up, making it three males and two females to influence eggs. After this batch, I think I'll just adopt four pink eggs from the AP all at once. This means my breeding will be at a halt for now.
October 10, 2009- My breeder page is finally up. I should have everything up and working by tomorrow.

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