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1. Dragons with *'s by their names have been part of a successful breeding pair.
2. Dragons with ~'s by their names have been frozen.


Mizuumi-chan* Water
Nevada Tan* Earth
Izzy-bella* Purple
Marui-demon* Red
Akaya* Black
Bombay Sapphire* Split
Lavender For Luck* Purple
Fuji Syusuke Skywing
Jiroh Magi
Minty Mamushi Mint
California Gold* Gold
Shattered Silver* Silver
Meister des Blitzes Fog
Agatsuma Soubi* White
Schutz der defekten Herzen* Guardian
Shigan* Vine
Early Morning Paradise* Pink
Morgead Stone
Sir Green Bean Green Dino
Yesterday's Regrets Paper
Bombay Midnight* Split
Death By Strangulation Vine
Brian Kinney* Black
Quicksilver Kei* Silver
Nachtwanderer Vampire
Sir Summer Squash Yellow Dino
Schutz der alten Narben* Guardian
Twilight at Midnight* Magi
Lady McNugget Chicken
Ruby-Red Squirt* Red
Vielleicht Arbeitslos* Silver
Christian Ozera Skywing
Meister der Himmel Fog
Bombay Tundra* Split
Adjila of Autumn Autumn
Shevaun of Triste Autumn
Sassy of Pakana Autumn
Erster Frost Winter
Schöner Frost* Winter
Christian Linke* Winter
The Magic of Christmas Christmas
The Music Of Christmas Christmas
Funkelnder Frost* Winter
Kristallisierter Frost ~ Winter
Death By Asphyxiation Vine
Juri Schewe* Winter
Morgen-Frost ~ Winter
Sabaan* Gold
Vorbei* Magi
Mint Milk* Mint
Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha* White
Alles Endet Hier* Winter
Bombay Albion* Split
Sorceress Nimueh ~ Stone
Morgana The Dreamer* Gold
Mizugameza Water
Lord Emrys Magi
Excalibur Pendragon* Silver
Zerbrechlicher Träumer Paper
Thea Harman Earth
Tödlicher Frost ~ Winter
Lailah Frills* Frilled
Myla Frills* Frilled
Damen Frills* Frilled
Uther The Tyrant Stone
Lady Clucks Chicken
Lady Holliday* Stone
Silverdust Pendragon* Silver
MacKayla Frills Frilled
Deceptively Dangerous Alt. Vine
Bombay Morgan Split
Wild Cherry Pepsi Red
Mordred The Evil* Stone
Schmelzender Frost Winter
Gypsy Amber Rose* Pink
Quicksilver Kirin Silver
Verschwindener Frost ~ Winter
Quartz Dream* Geode
Timo Sonnenschein* Winter
Colin Pendragon Silver
Strawberry Poundcake Red
Sonnenschein Bonk Magi
Green Apple Tea* Mint
Jan Werner Spring
Erste Frühling Dusche Spring
David Bonk* Spring
Jei Farfarello Fog
Iliana Pendragon Magi
Death By Suffocation Vine
Warme Frühling Dusche* Spring
Albion's Bane Geode
Summer Sunrise* Gold
Bradley Crawford Black
Lord Of The Rays* Sunrise
Goddess Of Sunset Sunset
Far Away And Dreaming Balloon
Sky Of Dreams Daydream
Zador Alt. Pink
Lady Cachtice Purple Dorsal
Cocoa Krispy* Whiptail
Golden Morningstar* Striped
Lawyer's Blood Red Dorsal
Franky Ziegler Spring
Lancelot DuLac Pendragon* Silver
Battonya* Striped
Prioska Alt. Pink
Schutz der letzten Fehler* Guardian
Für immer Träumend* Daydream
Alles Was Zählt Paper
Lady Peeps Chicken
Verblassendes Licht Sunset
Morrigan Frills Frilled
Bombay Pierrefonds Split
Rondo Mina Sahaku* Green Striped
Rondo Ghina Sahaku* Red Striped
Guinevere DuLac Pendragon Silver
Gai Murakumo* Blue Striped
Farfie Silver
Selfish Love Magi
To Kill A King Geode
Morning's Blush Sunrise
Kudoh Yoji Gold
Liege Lord* Gold
Fujimiya Aya Black
Fujimiya Ran* Red
Sadie Winds Whiptail
Amelie Bishop* Blue Striped
Hitzewelle Summer
Sun Vergiftung Summer
Cagalli Yula Athha* Green Striped
Give It Time Silver
Sonnenflecken* Summer
Himbeere-Ballon Balloon
Tokyo Diamond Red Striped
Elijah Kiel* Blue Striped
Balthazar More Alt. Pink
Alexei Hale Alt. Pink
Crystallized Memory Geode
Rose of Moroi Pink
Sir Eggplant Purple Dino
Mini Mistress Pygmy
Monterey Cheddar Cheese
Sandstone Master Ochredrake
Palest White Albino
Sandstone Mistress* Ochredrake
Don't Dream Too Far Daydream
Havarti Swiss Cheese
Master Tiny Pygmy
Hitzschlag Summer
Selfish Love Pendragon Magi
Sinking Towards Night Sunset
Shards Of Loss Geode
Blazing Stripes* Striped
Bombay Waldorf Split
Sommer-Ferien Summer
Fujimiya Aya-chan Purple
Natane Cailean Red Striped
Buffalo Blazin Stripes Striped
Dead In The Water Water
Lazarus Rising* Red Striped
Fractured Memory Geode
Weekend In The Tropics* Neotropical
Liquid Flutter* Waterhorse
She Walks On Water Water Walker
Power Of Thunder Horse
Darkly Mysterious Deep Sea
Liquid Grace Waterhorse
The Sands Of Change* Ochredrake
Power Of Storms Horse
Sir Sour Grapes Purple Dino
Lines Of Burning Passion Striped
Cover Of Darkness Horse
Death By Exsanguination Vine
Vacation In Paradise Neotropical
Sir Blackberry Purple Dino
Mozzarella Parmesan Cheese
A Nightmare On Water Water Walker
Verblassende Wärme Summer
Harnessed Darkness Horse
Liquid Agility* Waterhorse
Sands Through The Hourglass Ochredrake
Colors of Poison Neotropical
Merlin Emrys Pendragon Magi
Gorgonzola Camembert Cheese
Yearly Anticipation Green Striped
Herbst-Farben Autumn
Herbst-Nächte Autumn
Charles Cornick Autumn
Samuel Cornick Autumn
Cocoa Pops Whiptail
Silver Babylon Silver
Liquid Fluidity Waterhorse
Bad Day At Black Rock Stone
Liquid Masculinity Waterhorse
Malleus Maleficarum White
Crunch Time Striped
Bombay van der Woodsen Split
Shining Green Green Striped
Bran Cornick Autumn
Königin des Todes Vampire
Träume Sterben Immer Daydream
What Is and What Should Never Be Fog
Nachtzeit-Energie Horse
Gefallene Blätter Autumn
Moonglow's Stripes Striped
Nightly Stripes Of Blue Blue Striped
Never Forgiving Ice
Electric Temper* Thunder
Flames Of Anger* Magma
Temper Like Fire Magma
Frozen Understanding Ice
Liquid Magnificence Waterhorse
Untamed Rage Magma
Kiss of Light Pendragon* Striped
Winter's First Light Sunrise
Static Electricity Pendragon Thunder
Zydrate Mistress Vampire
Später Frost Winter
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