Name: Shalena
Contact: Email and MSN: moc.liamtoh|lahsikihS#moc.liamtoh|lahsikihS
Timezone: MTN, and Central during the summer and winters on odd numbered years
About: I've been on DC since about 2007, but my account got deleted so now I've only been on since 2008. My first dragon was a Dark Green named Xyenpho, and I still love her to this day. I took a long break from DC, so I missed out on a lot of the dragons. Now, I'm working on getting one of each gender and a frozen hatchling for each new Dragons that come out. I also happen to breed eggs a lot for people if they just ask me.

Working on getting

Geode - 0 obtained
Cheese - 0 obtained
Albino? - 1 Egg obtained
Pygmy? - 1 Egg Obtained
Ochredrake - 0 Obtained
New Pink Dragons - 1 Male 1 Female obtained
Frill - 1 Female Obtained
Whiptail - 1 Female obtained
Summer(I think the styles new, but I count these as new since they change from season to season) - 1 Female Obtained
Dorsal - 1 Red and Purple female obtained
Daydream - 1 Male obtained
Balloon - 1 Male Obtained
Striped - 0 Obtained
Sunrise - 1 Female Obtained
Sunset - 0 Obtained

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