Contact:sara4cows via PM on dragon cave
Scroll: sara4cows
Timezone: EST
About: Please only request an egg if you can take it and are willing to take what ever results from the breeding. If you are placed on a wait list I will try to give you 2 days notice before breeding to make room on your scroll, if I do not get a reply from you within that two days I will move on to the next person in line with no second notice. You will also be removed from any and all lists that you are on if you fail to reply to a PM about a breeding. I do have a waiting list for certain gold and silver dragons and can not use them for random breedings, if I have one available at the time of your request I will let you know. As of right now my vampires are only being used to bite for The Replacement Project.


Dragon Adopters

Babies & Gifts

2 Cheer Eggs caught by Elorendil, Thank you
Fog Egg, Winter Storm Warning Lineage
1 Autumn Hatchie
1 Yule Hatchie gifted by whoeverxwins


Departures? Use


Dragons decended from the site creator's scroll (TJ09)

Akkadian Dorkface Thuwed Pink also Dorkface lineage. 1 person on waiting list
Astarte Thuwed Purple pure purple x silver lineage. 3 people on waiting list
Red Destiny Thuwed Red Striped 4 people on waiting list
Jasper Thuwed Hex Geode
Fadb Hejo Thuwed Pink Pink x Red Lineage
Thuwed Ev Kxo Toof Deep Sea 1 person on waiting list
Fusavajkj Dusk Thuwed White 4th gen, even gen 1 Person on waiting list
Tuhb Tofkx Dusk Thuwed Dorkface Deep Sea also Dusk and Dorkface lineages. 1 people on waiting list
Uikimd Rhooqo Thuwed Dorkface Autumn also Dusk and Dorkface Lineages. 1 person on waiting list
Uikimd Joujeduc Thuwed Autumn
Seceh Jfcujx Thuwed Autumn 1 person on waiting list
Wectod Jkhafoj Thuwed Green Striped 1 person on waiting list
Bridget Bishop Thuwed Magi pure magi x black lineage. 1 person on waiting list
Jade Dusk Thuwed Mint also Dusk lineage
Tic Tac Dusk Dorkface Thuwed Mint also Dusk and Dorkface lineages
Nact Muho Thuwed Dragon Horse
Crosoe Dusk Thuwed Waterhorse also Dusk lineage.
Amorous Dusk Dorkface Thuwed Pink also Dusk and Dorkface lineages
Dreamy Sunset Thuwed Sunset
Emerald Dusk Thuwed Mint also Dusk
Wactot Fadb Thuwed Pink Pink x Gold Lineage
Tojohk Thuwed Purple Dorsal

Breeding Records

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