Name: Sadako
Kennel Name: SDK or Sadako's
Contact: PM on Forum -Can use YIM or IRC for transfers.
Timezone: US Central (GMT - 6)

If you'd like to request an egg from me, just PM me on the forums. I intend to gift the majority of my eggs for free, but that doesn't mean I'll say no to a trade if you have or can breed something I need -especially common 2nd gens for my projects. I prefer if you'd make your request and/or remind me about it about a day before you'll be unlocked and ready, as that gives me a chance to prepare. I do reserve the right to be locked to the hilt and unable to breed, though.

Also, I have vampires, and I'm willing to try to vamp and gift eggs from any of my nifty lineages (unless it's someone else's project and their rules say not to do so.) :3

Eggs I Need: G2 pink eggs (with any combination of newpink, oldpink, and holiday parents), G2 Gaias, CB Black, CB Stripe. Also Magis, apparently.

citrus2.png | 2n1b0xe.gif | sl181t.png | mudita9030.gif | ATCuA.gif

Patterned Even Gen Projects

Even Gen Citrus Breeders Pool
Click: citrus-pool houses a breeding pool for even-gens in the colors for the Citrus Lineage: magi, pink, neotropical, canopy and gold.

Perfect Black x Gold
1. SDK Lolita Whispyr x SDK Dante Nepenthe = g4 eggs of rare beauty

Harlequin Breeding Pairs

1. SDK Fenrir of Bainbridge x SDK Emerald of Bainbridge = G3 eggs
2. Sadako's Zero Millimeters x SDK Rosalie Draconis Blyth = G3 eggs
3. SDK Wicked-Ink Brighton x SDK Brighton's Khyed Mudita = G3 eggs
4. SDK Galacticos de Baena x Santa Romana de Baena = g3 eggs
1. SDK Fenwold of Connacht x SDK Rozero Draconis Connacht = g4 eggs
2. SDK Sanzen of Connemara x SDK Connemara's Wicked Mudita =g4 eggs
1. SDK Fenzero of Dublin x Dublin's Zen Mudita = g5 eggs

PinkxHoliday Breeding Pairs
1. SDK Pennyroyal of Adare x SDK Penelope of Adare = G2 eggs
1. Sadako's Peppermint Prince x SDK Lemon Squeezy of Bristol = G3 eggs
2. SDK Esrever Eluy of Ban x SDK Donna Love = g3 eggs
3. WND4 x ? = ?

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