Scroll: rbb115
Contact: moc.nsm|omiabiab#NSM or DC forum PM
Timezone: GMT+8
Date joined in DC: May 14th, 2010
Clan Name: Voirephoret (for CB and self-bred dragons) and Voirephore (for abandoned dragons)



Breeding Records

  • Bred Pairs will not be seperated by any reason.
  • Pair name:
    • A word relating with the initials of couples' first name, begins with the older's one and ends with the younger's one.
    • Couple's Adult Children will use this word as their middle name.
  • Inactive pair will have their bred time recorded in gray.
  • Non-bred Pairs: Homosexual couples

Personal Lineage Project


  • Even-gen breeding project between Water and Ice dragons
  • Graphic materials will be stored in here

Planning structure:

Guest Book

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