Mycena Clan

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Name: Mycena
Contact: ten.sdt|suoideet#ten.sdt|suoideet or PM me on the Dragon Cave forums
Timezone: USA, Pacific Northwest
About: All of my dragons have no inbreeding in their lineage, and I am trying to collect many purebred dragon pairings to breed for people.

Requests & Gifts

Rules for Requesting:
-I will not scrutinize your scroll, I'm not picky about scrolls.
-Tell me the breed you want, or a specific pairing you want the egg from
-I will only breed dragon pairs (with the exception of vampires)
-I will continuously breed the pair until I get the egg you request (this may take some time)
-I can raise the egg to a hatchling if you want, but this may take even more time
-You may trade away any eggs I give to you

Order Form, Paste and fill out into the 'Comments Box' below

Stage (egg, ungen. hatchling, hatchling):



These dragons have yet to find mates.

Name Gender Breed Lineage
Enku Male Bright-breasted Wyvern 2nd generation, Purebred
Fer'Reya Female Red 2nd generation, Purebred
Mael-Maedoc Male Red CB
Freyjr Male Red CB
Esen'Aella Female Ridgewing 2nd generation, Purebred
Auster Male Ridgewing CB
Dragana of Aurora Female Ridgewing 2nd generation, Purebred
Skookum Male Ridgewing 4th generation, Mixed-bred
Glaecia Female Ice CB
Reyk'Jakviik Female Ice CB
Sugar Holly Male Christmas '08 11th generation, Mixed-bred
Blitzen Maxi Male Christmas '08 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
O'Tannenbaum Female Christmas '10 CB
Saint Aurora Female Christmas '10 CB
Stellar Lights Female Christmas '10 CB
Kyryie Female Coastal Waverunner CB
Jaska Male Coastal Waverunner CB
Cobarc Male Coastal Waverunner 2nd generation, Purebred
Monocerotia Female Albino 2nd generation, Purebred
GhostFace Female Albino CB
Leifur Male Albino CB
Antoliy Male Albino 2nd generation, Purebred
Avalair Male Neotropical 2nd generation, Purebred
Belythe Female Neotropical 2nd generation, Purebred
Nocturna Rose Female Black 5th generation, Mixed-bred, Rose Clan
Arothi Heart Female Black 5th generation, Mixed-bred
Shurik Male Black 4th generation, Purebred
Erdol Turner Male Black 3rd generation, Mixed-bred
Keira Doleo Female Black 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Arakys Female Black 3rd generation, Mixed-bred
Core Angel Male Black 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Illya Muromets Male Black 5th generation, Mixed-bred
Phaet Female White CB
Alekseyevich Female White 9th generation, Mixed-bred
Maia'Sha Female White 2nd generation, Purebred
Svetlana Summers Female White 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Shareus Dorkface Female White 4th generation, Mixed-bred, Dorkface
Forever Moon Dorkface Female White 7th generation, Mixed-bred, Dorkface
Belun Clear Male White 3rd generation, Mixed-bred
Gavina Love Female White 3rd generation, Mixed-bred
Sweet Snow Female White 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Akrab Male Purple Dorsal 2nd generation, Purebred
Arkrai Female Purple Dorsal CB
Beor-Uruloki Dusk Thuwed Male Purple Dorsal 6th generation, Mixed-bred
Sofea Female Red Dorsal CB
Sturmbris Male Gray CB
Tormentus Male Gray CB
Shaori Female Gray 8th generation, Mixed-bred
Irina Zapp Female Gray 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
True Argent Female Gray 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Etraea Female Dragon Horse CB
Kurhali Female Dragon Horse 3rd generation, Purebred
Akrhip Female Dragon Horse CB
Acurion Male Sunrise 3rd generation, Purebred
Dawn Sabre Male Sunrise 2nd generation, Purebred
Chieko of the Sunset Female Sunset 2nd generation, Purebred
Merten Wolf Male Sunset 2nd generation, Purebred
Scutulum Male Guardian CB
Jalek Male Guardian CB
Ioakiem Male Guardian 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Demiatrix Female Canopy CB
Leafarea Female Canopy CB
Midori'mi Female Canopy CB
Quet'Zal Male Canopy CB
Twilight Riverwind Female Waterhorse 2nd generation, Purebred
Kaltrina Lakewater Female Waterhorse 2nd generation, Purebred
Akanthra Female Valentine '09 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Lada Rosewing Female Rosebud CB
Nevaea Female Winter 3rd generation, Purebred
December Dorkface Thuwed Female Winter 18th generation, Purebred
Tekel Male Spring 9th generation, Mixed-bred
Springedi Female Spring 2nd generation, Purebred
Igilute Pipe Male Summer 2nd generation, Purebred
Zelai Female Vine CB
Catkin Female Vine CB
Terra Vinum Male Vine 2nd generation, Mixed-Bred
Avdotya Female Geode 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Alvery Female Pygmy CB
Hevovitastamiusto Male Skywing CB
Esena Female Skywing CB
Baldarn Male Skywing CB
Ecaytl Female Skywing CB
Esena Female Skywing CB
Jasvindr Female Thunder 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Ulema Female Frill CB
Muiriartach Male Water CB
Pleionea Female Water CB
Thalissa Female Water CB
Aqualiel Female Water CB
Yejida Female Mint 8th generation, Mixed-bred
Ayashie Female Mint CB
Niyoltor Male Bluna 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Hrag'Nur Male Hellfire Wyvern CB
Ischka'Tuul Male Hellfire Wyvern CB
Vestia Female Hellfire Wyvern CB
Seraphyna Female Hellfire Wyvern CB
Uwriyel Male Hellfire Wyvern CB
Infernya Female Hellfire Wyvern 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Afanasii Male Electric CB
Tesla Sinua Female Electric 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Taikalani Female Magi CB
Somorenda Female Magi CB
Bastiaan Von Elegance Male Magi 2nd generation, Purebred
Emikei Female Purple CB
Gwyneviere Mayfair Female Purple 2nd generation, Purebred
Isaak IceClaw Male Purple 3rd generation, Mixed-bred
Eortia Female Purple CB
Yermolai Male Purple CB
Okpara Male Sunsong Amphiptere CB
Nuru-Ati Female Sunsong Amphiptere CB
Gahiji Male Sunsong Amphiptere CB
Phaedruspetr Male Stone CB
Petraronelle Female Stone CB
Basaltua Female Stone CB
Stellagtite Female Stone 2nd generation, Purebred
Ianus Male Split 2nd generation, Purebred
Macawi Female Balloon CB
Radiant Daydream Female Daydream 2nd generation, Mixed-Bred
Distant Hearts Male Daydream 2nd generation, Mixed-Bred
Alki Male Daydream CB
Malaeka Female Flamingo Wyvern CB
Indur Male Flamingo Wyvern CB
Veles Deathdaimon Male Flamingo Wyvern 5th generation, Mixed-bred
Vespir Male Night Glory Drake CB
Florja Female Day Glory Drake CB
Citrus Tide Male Shallow Water 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Astraya Female Nebula CB
Puti'on Male Nebula CB
Briant Eleri Male Nebula 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
One Dorkface Thuwed Female Pink 11th generation, Mixed-bred
Caresinda Female Pink 6th generation, Mixed-bred
Illya Male Pink 2nd generation, Purebred
Loves Defense Male Pink 5th generation, Mixed-bred
Makaro Male White Striped 3rd generation, Purebred
Starlit Emeralds Male White Striped 3rd generation, Mixed-bred
Solav Male Terrae CB
Brynn Female Terrae CB
Aethelstan Male Terrae CB
Paarig Female Terrae CB
Appula Female Harvest CB
Maizen Male Harvest CB
Novarra Female Spitfire CB
Qu'Asara Female Spitfire 2nd generation, Mixed-bred
Ichigo Kurosaki II Male Spitfire 3rd generation, Mixed-bred
Algerian Male Spitfire CB
Ares Sennen Male Spitfire 2nd generation, Purebred
Bogdan Male Ember 2nd generation, Purebred
Hesphaestia Female Ember 2nd generation, Mixed-bred

Hatcheries I use: 11icwmp.jpg ddf_button.gif f_j5mld0o9p3wm_a3d9424.png

+Wish List
-Female Red CB

Adopted Wild Dragons

I care and watch over these adult wild dragons, in order to ensure that their hatchlings will live. More information can be found here:
If you recognize any of these dragons as ones that used to belong to you, then please contact me and let me know what their names were.

Wild Black Marrows

Other Adoptables

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