Name: Silver
Contact: I'm silver_chan on the forum
Scroll: kitty_knitter
Timezone: CST
About: Well, I've been on Dragon Cave since '09, though it doesn't look like it because I did something dumb enough to get my scroll burned a little while after Halloween 2015, so the oldest dragon on my scroll is from the beginning of December 2015.

I also tend to accidentally slide into hiatuses for months or longer, on occasion. I don't have many dragons, for such a long-time player, due to the things I mentioned before; now I'm slowly getting my scroll back up to what I'd like it to be. Along with building it back up, I'm getting back into breeding these days, both for lineages I'm involved with in the forum and for myself—partially to get hatchlings to freeze, too.


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Requests & Gifts

…I have a lot of gifts that I've gotten over the years, but I guess for requests… if anyone has any unwanted third gen checkers they want to get rid of, I'm always happy to give them a home! I'm also happy to breed for anyone who asks, though I can't guarantee I'll be able to produce what you want.

Breeding Records

Rainbow Checkers (Remake) - This is the breeding project I am concentrating on the most right now. I hope to end up with a dragon with an extremely colorful lineage, and it's meant to celebrate both rainbows and using dragons people either dump in the AP or gift/trade me to create something beautiful.

Elemental breeding projects - Lineages that are constructed using dragons that are part of the Elemental lineage. Mostly planning, though I am about halfway done with the Wind lineage. I am going to redo this, though I am still collecting dragons to fill out the lineage groups. Once I get to a good level of dragons in each group, I'll start breeding; I plan on starting with Earth first.

Personal breeding projects - Everything I have planned, other than Rainbow Checkers. Mint Chocolate, Smoke and Fire, Alpha and Beta trolls, Prism Project. Hopefully I will finish Alpha soon so I can concentrate on the other ones more fully. Again, I plan to redo this, though sadly my burned scroll seems to have kept its names. It might be difficult to do the Troll lineages this way.

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