Name: KamiraHikari
Contact: moc.liamg|elleonaragem#moc.liamg|elleonaragem
Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/KamiraHikari
Timezone: US Eastern Standard Time



Female Breed Male Breed
Vanille of the Dia Purple Dragon Prince Dastan of Persia Flamingo Wyvern
Lady No of Mino Purple Dragon Malik in Persia Purple Dragon
Lady Ina of Edo Purple Dragon Damas of Haven Purple Dragon
Fang of the Yun Seasonal Dragon Sig of the Wastelands Seasonal Dragon
Farrah of India Whiptail Dragon Jak of Haven Whiptail Dragon
Okuni of Izumo Whiptail Dragon Prince of the Persians Whiptail Dragon
Keira of Haven Whiptail Dragon

Breeding Records

Personal Lineage Breeding Project:
Video Game Lineage: Each Dragon bears the name of characters from video games.

Gen Mother x Gen Father = Gen Child
G1 Vanille of the Dia x G1 Prince Dastan of Persia = G2 ADZY
G1 Lady Ina of Edo x G1 Damas of Haven = G2 20oG
G1 Keira of Haven x G1 Jak of Haven = G2 HH7Z
G1 Farrah of India x G1 Prince of the Persians = G2 vKVi
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