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Name: Gabesgirl
Contact: You can drop me a PM at the DC forums or leave me a message right here!
Scroll: My Scroll
Timezone: Central Standard Time (USA)
About: My main goal in this game is to have fun! I really enjoy coming up with fun and unique names for my dragons and breeding them. Currently, I have my own little lineage project going on, so feel free to contact me about it. You can contact about any of my breedings and
I would be happy to gift eggs!



Hello and good day! Welcome to the home of my fire breathing friends.

Here is where you will find all the information you could possibly want about my dragons, their breeding partners and breeding schedule. Feel free to browse around and to leave me a friendly comment at the end.

My Scroll Stats:


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I actually haven't gifted many eggs (it seems no one really wants them…lol), but I am trying to be a bit more active with the gifting. I do try to post in The Giving Tree thread when I have available eggs, so be on the lookout for that. I don't mind a request or two, as long as you are polite.

Given To Date Type of Egg
Rockin' On 5/3/2009 Silver Egg
PrincessLove2221 5/22/2009 Silver Egg
Beachbeagle 5/31/2009 Petrified Pink Egg
Amy Luthien 6/7/2009 Petrified Spring Hatchling
Branwen 6/14/2009 Petrified Whiptail Egg
Synerje 6/15/2009 Petrified Green Stripe Egg
gmoney64 6/16/2009 Female Split Hatchling


Lineage Projects:

Project One:

The first breeding project that I am working on is one that I came up with on my own. It is called the 'Petrified' line and was started with one little Mint dragon. So far, the project is going pretty well, but I do wish I was able to get it moving along a bit quicker!
Well, I took the plunge and made my own thread on the DC forums about my Petrified Lineage. You can find more info about it here: Petrified Lineage
You can also feel free to contact me here about my petrified dragons.

List of 'Petrified' Dragons
Dragon Name Gender Species Generation
Petrified Lily Pad Female Mint First
Petrified Pine Needles Female Frill First
Petrified Storm Cloud Female Storm First
Petrified Milk Jug Male White Second
Petrified Lily Livers Male Mint Second
Petrified Lima Beans Male Mint Second
Petrified Pumpkin Seeds Male Magi Third
Petrified Butterfly Scale Female Storm Third
Petrified Ginger Root Female Mint Third
Petrified Frog Legs Male Green Striped Third
Petrified Mint Sprigs Male Green Striped Third
Petrified Moonbeam Female Magi Fourth
Petrified Fool's Gold Male Gold Fourth
Golden's Petrified Ticket Male Gold Fourth
Petrified Celery Seed Male Green Striped Fourth
Petrified May Flowers Female Spring Fifth
Petrified Credit Score Male Gold Fifth
Petrified Sonnet Male Dorsal Fifth
Petrified Vanilla Bean Female Whiptail Fifth
Petrified Pencil Lead Male Stone Fifth
Petrified Peach Pitt Female Magi Fifth
Petrified Waffle Cone Female Whiptail Fifth
Love's Petrified Heart Female Pink Sixth
Petrified Prose Female Dorsal Sixth
Petrified Soap Bubbles Male Pink Seventh
Dingle's Petrified Gold Female Gold **

1.) Dingle's Petrified Gold is a special dragon, because she was a gift from my hubby. She is the combination of our two breeding projects.

'Petrified' Breeding Pairs
Pair (F x M) Breed(s)
Generation One Breeding Pairs
Petrified Lily Pad x The Great White Glitch [Mint] x [White]
Generation Two Breeding Pairs
Nectarine Nebula x Petrified Milk Jug [Magi] x [White]
Incandescent Gem x Petrified Lima Bean [Green Striped] x [Mint]
Alice of the Unsung Wonderland x Petrified Lily Livers [Silver] x [Mint]
Generation Three Breeding Pairs
Dingle's Petrified Gold x Petrified Pumpkin Seeds [Gold] x [Magi]
Petrified Butterfly Scale x Fjord [Storm] x [Water]
Petrified Ginger Root x Guardian of Davy Jones Locker [Storm] x [Water]
Sweet Spring Breeze x Petrified Frog Legs [Spring] x [Green Striped]
Generation Four Breeding Pairs
Stony China Doll x Golden's Petrified Ticket [Stone] x [Gold]
Brown Eyed Girl x Petrified Fool's Gold [Whiptail] x [Gold]
Petrified Moonbeam x Vladislav Nekliaev [Magi] x [Dorsal]
Rioting Wildflowers x Petrified Celery Seeds [Spring] x [Green Striped]
Generation Five Breeding Pairs
Ping Pang Pecan x Petrified Credit Score [Pink] x [Gold]
Petrified May Flowers x Marshmallow Lag [Spring] x [White]
Petrified Pine Needles x Yves Bonnefoy [Frill] x [Dorsal]
Crystallized Brown Sugar x Petrified Sonnet [Whiptail] x [Dorsal]
Waking Sunrise x Petrified Pencil Lead [Sun] x [Stone]
Generation Six Breeding Pairs
Love's Petrified Heart x Fooling the Moon [Pink] x [Skywing]
Petrified Prose x Merry Spirit [Dorsal] x [Yulebuck]
Generation Seven Breeding Pairs
Candied Moss x Petrified Soap Bubbles [Green] x [Pink]


Project Two:

List of 'Green Project' Dragons
Dragon Name Gender Species Generation
Pine Scented Breeze Male Frill First
Feathery Branches Female Frill First
Pine Fresh Female Frill Second
Cleansing Pine Sol Female Spring Third
Piney Moss Female Green Fourth

The second breeding project I am participating in was thought up by Zovesta on the DC forums. It is the Green Lineage Project and I am really looking forward to working on it. I have always loved green dragons and jumped at the chance to use them in a project.
Note: My green lineage dragons have the name 'Pine' somewhere.

'Green' Breeding Pairs
Pair (F x M) Breed(s)
Feathery Branches x Pine Scented Breeze [Frill] x [Frill]
Pine Fresh x Sprouting Roots [Frill] x [Spring]
Cleansing Pine Sol x Golly Green Moss [Spring] x [Green]


Project Three:

I just signed up for another breeding project (I know, someone should slap me) and am looking forward to working on it. It was thought up by Oracle Mask and is called the "All you Need is Love" lineage. The starting generation is a Valentine's Day egg and I'll be mating her with a white egg. The offspring must have the word 'love' in their name somewhere.
The dragons that are available for this lineage are whites, pinks, purples and springs. (I think that is all. I hope I'm reading the instructions correctly.)

List of 'All you Need is Love' Dragons
Dragon Name Gender Species Generation
Lady Doth Protest too Much Female Valentine First
She Will be Loved Female Purple First
Super Duper Love Male White Second
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Female White Third
'All you Need is Love' Breeding Pairs
Pair (F x M) Breed(s)
Lady Doth Protest too Much x Marshmallow Lag [Valentine] x [White]
She Will be Loved x Super Duper Love [Purple] x [White]


Project Four:

The Crumplebottom Lineage
The Crumplebottom Lineage was developed by a group of avid simmers and dragon collectors. Crumplebottom is a famous character that has appeared throughout the sim's universe and is now making an appearance in the world of dragon cave. Vasyl Crumplebottom is the dragon that is starting off this project, thanks to AlbinoBambi and I have been lucky enough to get the first offspring.

List of 'Crumplebottom' Dragons
Dragon Name Gender Species Generation
Maxis Crumplebottom Male Gold Second

Image made by Synerje.

'Crumplebottom' Breeding Pairs
Pair (F x M) Breed(s)
Raspberry Chocolate Crunch x Maxis Crumplebottom [Pink] x [Gold]


Breeding Log:

This little section is home to all my breeding information (and a lot of information it is).
The dragons are color-coded by breed (they should be pretty simple to figure out) and sorted by Female x Male.

Hopefully the rest of the log is easy to understand!




~June 23, 2009~
I am still around! I have been really busy with my Petrified project…
Trying to get all my pairs to cooperate and getting the eggs sent to their new homes safely, keeps my quite busy. I am quite behind on my individual pages and my breeding log, but I will try to get everything caught up. (If only there were more hours in a day!)



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1.) Can you breed me a certain dragon egg?

I can certainly try, but there is no guarantee that I will be successful. Feel free to ask, though.

2.) Do you have requirements before I can get an egg?

All I ask is that you have at least 5 adult dragons and no dead eggs.

3.) Will you gift rare eggs?

Right now, I would be happy to gift silver eggs, but I do ask that you be willing to take the common egg (if one is produced). I am not currently giving away any gold eggs, because I am trying to build up my breeding stock.

4.) Do you mind if I freeze the hatchling?

Nope. I don't mind if any of my dragon's offspring are frozen as hatchlings. I would just like to the dragon named, other than that I don't really care.


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