Name: Dragonhatchling
Contact: here and I will get back to you ASAP
Scroll: Here
Timezone: North America/Eastern Standard Time/Cave Time (in other words)
About: I'm somewhat busy during the summer, but I'm on almost every day. I have school during the fall/winter/spring but try to be on weekly, if not more.


Go here as I have a "problem" with them and they're all there (for the most part…)

Requests & Gifts/Gifting

I do take breeding requests. I don't breed all that often but am very active and trying to balance out a few inbreds with tons of CB dragons. 95% of my scroll is clean and if you want an inbred draggie, feel free to let me know. (My vines are especially good for inbreeding… I try to keep this away from my rarer dragons unless someone has specified)

I often gift nicely lineage (trying to keep it low- from 5 down) golds/silvers randomly to people.


CB Gold/Silver (male/female)
CB ND (male/female/ungendered)
Low gen Tinsel (either year/any color- lower than 5th gen)
Low gen Shimmerscale (any colors- lower then 5th gen) ((wouldn't mind if it was a lineage of a spriter alt)
No higher than 8th gen Shimmerscales (preferably stairstep) (bronze/gold)



  • means that that particular dragon is inbred

The tallies are to count how many of each metal is produced with each pair and total for that specific metal dragon. IT means Individual Tallies. OT means Overall Tallies
I don't breed my golds as often as I do my silvers.
All of these are from the progeny page, so every dragon ever bred with it after progeny pages were enabled are on these charts.

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