Name: dragonbriar
Scroll: My scroll
Contact: At the DC forums.
Timezone: Pacific standard time. Random hours. I am in college.
Please. If you have the children or parents of my dragons please let me know so I can link to their page, should they have one. You can contact me through the personal messaging of this site or through the DC cave forums I am dragonbriar on both. Thank you for reading this.

If the name is surrounded by , whatever these are called, '#' than the dragon has a description waiting to be approved.
If the name is surrounded by asterisks, '*', it means that the dragon has an approved description.

Number of Approved Descriptions: 16


One Without Color CB Albino
Absence of Color CB Albino
Calling for Color CB Albino
Pale One Who Calls CB Albino
Red-eyed Caller CB Albino
Liqis CB Albino
Pale Skinned Walker CB Albino
Dungeon Dweller CB Albino
Small One Of No Color B Albino

Breeding Pairs

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