Name: cpfan
Contact: ed.oohay|snogard-46lappc#ed.oohay|snogard-46lappc
Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/cpfan
Timezone: GMT+1
About: I started collecting dragons in November 08. Of course, being naive as I am, I didn't have a clue how the game worked and unfortunately my first 2 eggs/hatchlings died. It's my goal to get at least 2 of each dragon, though I don't care much about the dinos. Right now I'm on the hunt for the recently released newbies, so my breeding lacks a bit. Since now my kids each got their own silver and golden dragons I'm open to requests.


196 Adult Dragons
95 male 4 neuter 101 female
My eggs and hatchlings
1.gif 1.gif 1.gif 1.gif 1.gif 1.gif 1.gif



User Breed Dragon
Janmu silver Death note Kira
Jenmu silver Bibo vom Silberberg
Janmu gold golden Clay
Sturmschwinge gold Goldwingster

Open Requests

User Breed age fav. pairing
na na na na

Formerly reliable Couples

Female Breed Male Breed Result
Golden Oracle Gold Beeverus Frill usually 1 golden egg
Silverglint Silver Tweebo Mint usually 1 silver egg
Frillesse Frill Silversquire Silver usually 1 silver egg

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