Blaze Line

This is a Hellfire Wyvern and Galaxy Line. All offspring besides the two originals, are bred only with individuals from the opposite side (ex Hellfire with Galaxy only. There are no Hellfire/hellfire or galaxy/galaxy) and must be from the line directly, or cave born. Try to avoid inbreeding. All individuals in the line have a two word name, the second of which being Blaze. For example: Endearing Blaze.

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Name: lit1elady
Contact: moc.liamy|yelirenihpasoj#moc.liamy|yelirenihpasoj
Scroll: My Scroll
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time


  1. Galaxy Blaze

Requests & Gifts


* lineage dragons

  1. Evanescent Blaze- Galaxy (Female) paired with Beloved Blaze

  1. Beloved Blaze- Hellfire (Male) paired with Evanescent Blaze

  1. Distant Blaze-Galaxy (male) unpaired

  1. Endearing Blaze - Hellfire (female) unpaired

* caveborn dragons

  1. Enduring Blaze - Galaxy (female) unpaired

  1. Pulchritudinous Blaze - Hellfire (female) unpaired

Breeding Records

Breeder Male Name Breed, Caveborn or Lineage Female Name Breed, Caveborn or Lineage Offspring (Breed/Gender)
lit1elady Beloved Blaze H, L Evanescent Blaze G, L Distant Blaze (G, M), Endearing Blaze (H, F), L28G (G, unknown)
lit1elady Distant Blaze G, L needed H, L or C none
lit1elady needed G, L or C Endearing Blaze H, L none
lit1elady needed H, L Enduring Blaze F, C none
lit1elady needed G, C Pulchritudinous Blaze H, C none
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