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Gender Balance
Adults : 129 : 112 Genderless: 1
Frozen Hatchlings : 4 : 4 Genderless: 0

Lineage Projects:

These are the lineage projects I'm working on with the dragons involved in each listed below their banners and descriptions. If it is a project that is being done by members of the forum, then there will be a banner that links to the thread for it. A few are personal projects though. A very few dragons will be doubled between projects depending on what the project requires of the dragon.

NOTE: While some of these are called lineages, they actually only involve giving dragons certain names and not actually breeding a line. Some of those will actually end at some point but will still stay on this list.

7th Heaven Lineage

My sister and I are both doing this. The goal is to literally breed the Camden family from the TV show 7th Heaven. The names have been previously used, but they weren't bred so this is slightly original still. Mine are hyphenated between the first and last name because, as I said, the main character names have all been used before so I am using the hyphenation throughout to keep things the same.

Charles-Jackson Frill Jenny-Jackson Guardian
Colonel John-Camden Gray Ruth-Camden Magi
Rev Eric-Camden Magi Annie-Camden Frill
Julie-Camden Magi
Ruthie-Camden Frill
Lucy-Camden Frill
Mary-Camden Magi
David-Camden Frill
Sam-Camden Frill
Simon-Camden Magi
Matt-Camden Frill

Other Dragons:

These are the ones not being used in any sort of lineage project as of yet. Typically these are the unnamed hatchlings and eggs I pick up off the AP and/or that I get as caveborns and that I don't have and prior intentions for. Also any adult dragons that aren't part of a lineage sit here until I breed them with a lineage dragon. The same goes for adult dragons who were part of lineages that have died, only they will be categorized under the lineage they were formerly part of. Lastly this will also contain frozen hatchlings. Most of the ones I freeze are inbred ones that I am giving a home to as normally people don't want those.

Adult Dragons

Listed in alphabetical order.

Celebrate and Believe Snow Angel
Cinderella's Carraige Pumpkin
Figment of the Christmas Spirit Christmas '08
Gothic Eternity Vampire
Love's Bite Vampire
The Headless Horseman's Pumpkin Pumpkin
Yuletide Mistletoe White
Whitehall None Cheese
Christmas Star White Striped
Peter and Gordon Split
Xena Warrior Princess of Heinz Guardian
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