Name: Ayala2925
Contact: moc.liamg|5292alaya#moc.liamg|5292alaya
Scroll: [http://dragcave.net/user/ayala2925]
Timezone: US Eastern Standard Time



Females Breed Males Breed
Kirtana ne Harkin Albino Dragon San et Kellen Albino Dragon
Sontra ne Harkin Balloon Dragon Finn et Kellen Daydream Dragon
Corre ne Harkin Daydream Dragon Karu et Kellen Dorsal Dragon
Taina ne Harkin Daydream Dragon Daje ke'Lir Water Dragon
Terre du'Surn Daydream Dragon Tane ke'Lir Purple Dragon
Niika ne Harkin Deep Sea Dragon Dezadar et Kellen Water Walker Dragon
Ani du'Surn Deep Sea Dragon
Kina ne Harkin Flamingo Wyverns
Nara du'Sern Water Dragon
Baatan du'Sern Purple Dragon
Oka ne Harkin Purple Dragon
Ria du'Surnt Purple Dragon
Kamira du'Sern Water Walker Dragon
Sera du'Surn White Dragon

Breeding Records

Personal Lineage Breeding Project:
Male lines with last name: et Kellen & ke'Lir
Female lines with last name: ne Harkin & du'Surn or du'Sern

Gen Mother x Gen Father = Gen ~ Child
G1 Kirtana ne Harkin x G1 Karu et Kellen = G2 San et Kellen
G1 Taina ne Harkin x G1 Karu et Kellen = G2 ?
G1 Niika ne Harkin x G2 San et Kellen = G3 Ani du'Surn
G1 Sontra ne Harkin x G1 Finn et Kellen = G2 Corre ne Harkin
G1 Terre du'Surn x G1 Finn et Kellen = G2 6iYU
G1 Oka ne Harkin x G1 Daje ke'Lir = G2 HgXh
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