Name: ArabianPrincess (My Scroll)
Contact: moc.oohay|ssecnirp.naibara#moc.oohay|ssecnirp.naibara
DC forums: ArabianPrincess
AIM: WinnerPrincess
Y!IM: arabian.princess
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Timezone: US Eastern (GMT -0500 usually)
About: Do you have one of my babies? Do I have one of your babies? Feel free to contact me! I will only link to babies (scroll or wiki page) if I own them or if I have permission from the baby's owner.

Feel free to ask to have one of my babies. I'll try to breed what you want! I have no regular schedule of breeding—just whenever I feel like it really.

Totals by Breed



Frozen and Unbreedable

Frozen Hatchlings
RosePrincess Female ❄ Bright Pink
AmaranthLady Female ❄ Bright Pink
PeriwinklePrincess Female ❄ Purple
SkyMaid Female ❄ Skywing
SkySquire Male ❄ Skywing
BushBaron Male ❄ Vine
GoudaRidder ― ❄ Cheese
NorburyBlueNobile ― ❄ Cheese
SwissCheeseSquire ― ❄ Cheese
SunSquire Male ❄ Sunset
CurledBlackCountess Female ❄ Black-Alt
CurledBlackCount Male ❄ Black-Alt


Adult Breedable Dragons
LavenderLady Female Purple
EarthDuchess Female Green/Earth
RoseQueen Female Bright Pink
CloudKing Male Skywing
WhiteEmpress Female White
ExquisiteCountess Female Orange/Magi
BloodyKnight Male Red/Fire
BantamBaroness Female Mint
BittyBaroness Female Mint
HiddenKnight Male Black
BlackEmperor Male Black
NightKnight Male Black
DelicateDame Female Orange/Magi
WaterKing Male Water
SilverQueen Female Silver
BlackPrince Male Black
VineViscount Male Vine
LilacLady Female Purple
StoneCount Male Stone
GreyEarl Male Grey/Storm
ElegantLady Female Orange/Magi
ThunderLord Male Grey/Storm
PurpleDame Female Purple
DarkDuke Male Black
SilverDame Female Silver
WhiteEmperor Male White
ScarletLady Female Red/Fire
BlackEmpress Female Black
TwinTsar Male Split
BlackGrandDuchess Female Black
DraconnaKnight Male Guardian
WatchfulKnight Male Guardian
TwinTsaritsa Female Split
GrassBaron Male Vine
ShiningLady Female Black
SunKing Male Gold
GoldenCount Male Gold
HarvestCountess Female Seasonal-Autumn
HarvestCount Male Seasonal-Autumn
AutumnPrincess Female Seasonal-Autumn
CrispCount Male Seasonal-Autumn
HarvestViscountess Female Seasonal-Autumn
BrownBaronet Male Seasonal-Autumn
NoirKnight Male Black
HarvestCzar Male Seasonal-Autumn
PansyPrincess Female Purple
IndianSummerLord Male Seasonal-Autumn
MidnightMaiden Female Black
EnchantedEarl Male Orange/Magi
SilverPrince Male Silver
IcyGrandPrince Male Seasonal-Winter
FrostyDuke Male Seasonal-Winter
ChristmasCount Male Yulebuck
YuleLord Male Yulebuck
OasisPrincess Female Vine
FrostyDuchess Female Seasonal-Winter
SakuraPrincess Female Bright Pink
SeaMarquis Male Water
MintMarchioness Female Mint
BantamBaron Male Mint
NeonViscountess Female Black
CloudCountess Female Skywing
DoveDuchess Female White
NurseMargravine Female White
BlizzardCzar Male Seasonal-Winter
ColdCount Male Seasonal-Winter
EbonyEarl Male Black
OasisPrince Male Vine
BlueBaron Male Seasonal-Winter
MidnightDuke Male Black-Alt
CharcoalCount Male Black
BlackGrandPrincess Female Black
BlackGoldLady Female Black
SnowBaron Male Seasonal-Winter
PondPrincess Female Water
PondPrince Male Water
BitterlyColdBaroness Female Seasonal-Winter
BlackGoldViscount Male Black
SunnyPrincess Female Orange/Magi
DarkDuchess Female Black
WhiteGrandPrincess Female White
SilverBaronet Male Silver
CanePrincess Female Vine
FrillyPrincess Female Frill
RuffledEarl Male Frill
JinxCountess Female Bright Pink
AdorableQueen Female Valentine
ValentineViscountess Female Valentine
CrystalCountess Female Geode
HuntingEarl Male Black
PetitPrince Male Frill
DracoDuke Male Black
RiverLord Male Water
StoneCountess Female Stone
ShiningDuke Male Silver
CrystalCount Male Geode
FlyingPrince Male Skywing
VerdantGreenKnight Male Seasonal-Spring
FairlyWarmMarchioness Female Seasonal-Spring
BudBaron Male Seasonal-Spring
SilverCountess Female Silver
ThawingEarl Male Seasonal-Spring
CoweringCount Male Frill
DuskDuchess Female Sunset
PhantasmicPrincess Female Daydream
BalloonBaron Male Balloon
FeistyCountess Female Whiptail
PinkPrincess Female Pink
WhiteStripedDuchess Female Striped-White
MasculineMarquess Male Pink
DorsalDuke Male Dorsal-Purple
PurpleFinPrincess Female Dorsal-Purple
RedFinCzarina Female Dorsal-Red
QuickMarquise Female Whiptail
DawnDuchess Female Sunrise
CherryPieLord Male Seasonal-Spring
DreamingDuke Male Daydream
PoppingPrince Male Seasonal-Spring
BalloonBaroness Female Balloon
SpringCount Male Seasonal-Spring
CherryBlossomPrincess Female Seasonal-Spring
QuickCount Male Whiptail
WhimsicalCount Male Daydream
RacingDame Female Whiptail
MorningTwilightMarchioness Female Sunrise
RosyRajah Male Pink
EveningTwilightEarl Male Sunset
FrenchRosePrincesse Female Pink
GreenStripedBaron Male Striped-Green
WanderingCountess Female Daydream
PebblePrincess Female Green/Earth
StarlightDuchess Female White
DaydreamDuchess Female Daydream
SunsetSultan Male Sunset
BoulderBaron Male Green/Earth
BlueStripedMarquess Male Striped-Blue
SilveryArchduke Male Silver
BuggyBaroness Female Striped-White
PacifisticPrincess Female White
IvyInfante Male Vine
MagicalCountess Female Orange/Magi
MacariaMarkissia Female Black-Alt
MelinoeMarkissia Female Black
BlackGoldDuke Male Black
AuricGrandPrince Male Gold
PeppermintPrince Male Striped-White
PalePinkPrince Male Pink
HeatKing Male Seasonal-Summer
SwelteringHotDuke Male Seasonal-Summer
MountainQueen Female Silver
TigerEmpress Female Striped-White
PlantPrince Male Vine
SpeedyBaron Male Whiptail
LixiaLandgravine Female Seasonal-Summer
SunshinePrincess Female Seasonal-Summer
DogDaysDuchess Female Seasonal-Summer
VacationViscountess Female Seasonal-Summer
LakeQueen Female Water
BuggyBaron Male Striped-White
RosyRani Female Pink
WhiteStripedDuke Male Striped-White
AirDuchess Female Skywing
DorkfaceDuke Male Balloon
DorkfaceDuchess Female Balloon
JovialMarquess Male Ochredrake
AlbinoArchduke Male Albino
SingingPrince Male Ochredrake
MiniatureMarchioness Female Pygmy
ChirpingArchduchess Female Ochredrake
StreakedCountess Female Striped-White
DiminutiveDuchess Female Pygmy
BlueStripedBaroness Female Striped-Blue
VeranoVizconde Male Seasonal-Summer
TinyTsar Male Pygmy
PinstripedPrincess Female Striped-White
AsianEmpressDowager Female Seasonal-Summer
AmethystArchduchess Female Purple
SunriseSultana Female Sunrise
PygmyPrincess Female Pygmy
ChirpingArchduke Male Ochredrake
EnergeticDuchess Female Whiptail
ExtravaganterErzherzog Male Ochredrake
BrightlyColoredBaronet Male Striped-White
VioletCountess Female Purple
FinnFreiin Female Dorsal-Red
DarkGreenDuke Male Vine
MetallicMargrave Male Gold
BlazingViscountess Female Striped-Red
DeepSeaDuke Male Deep Sea
PonyPrincess Female Horse
TropicalEarl Male Neotropical
SwimmingMarchioness Female Waterhorse
CloudCount Male Daydream
BogHoppingBaron Male Water Walker
IntricateCount Male Striped-Green
GooeyPrincess Female Waterhorse
FloatingBaronet Male Water Walker
OceanViscount Male Deep Sea
PaddlePrince Male Waterhorse
SweetStripedShah Male Striped-Red
PonyPrince Male Horse
RainforestBaronetess Female Neotropical
TameMarquis Male Ochredrake
MoistMarquess Male Waterhorse
CuriousGrandDuchess Female Ochredrake
CuriousGrandPrincess Female Ochredrake
EarlyMorningEarl Male Sunrise
LateEveningLandgrave Male Sunset
HarlequinPrince Male Striped-Green
ChoralCountess Female Ochredrake
BlackEmeraldQueen Female Black
StripedSkyEsquire Male Striped-Blue
ReinaRosada Female Pink
JungleKnight Male Neotropical
WhoodThuwedWhudtTibo Male Striped-Green
CarnationPinkCount Male Pink
RazzmatazzVizconde Male Pink
PygmyPrince Male Pygmy
GeodeKnight Male Geode
PurpleStripedPrincess Female Purple
PalePinkPrincess Female Pink
IvoryDorkfaceDuchess Female White
MauveMarchioness Female Purple
WarriorDame Female Black
MagicMarquis Male Orange/Magi
DazzlingDuke Male Striped-White
HealingCount Male White
BlackMagicEmperor Male Orange/Magi
StarlightShahbanu Female Black
BurrowingBaronet Male Vine
WhiteDuskDorkfaceViscountess Female White
WhiteFlameDuchess Female Red/Fire
PacifisticPrince Male White
CantandoCondesa Female Ochredrake
PureWhitePrince Male White
ViolentViscountess Female Vine
OrangeMargravine Female Orange/Magi
WhiteGoldEmpress Female White
ElectricEmpress Female Thunder
IceEmperor Male Ice
MagmaQueen Female Magma


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