Forum Name: Wiz
Scroll Name: Angie Baby
Contact: PM
Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Angie%20Baby
Timezone: GMT
Breeding List


Lineages and Projects I'm involved in.

Building up to 4th gen and naming the dragons with Doctor Who quotes. Then 4th gens will be bred together. The goal is to see how high I can get. Others are doing their own Doctor Who projects and I am collecting gifted eggs from them. Eventually the finished project will have two halves. The Male parent will consist of dragons from my scroll and the female parent's lineage will include all the 4th gen gifts I have received from others.

Forest of the Dead
Water Walkers
One Liners

Some Days Are Special
Some Days Are So So Blessed
Some Days Nobody Dies At All
Now And Then
Every Once In A Very Long While
Every Day In A Million Days
When The Wind Stands Fair
And The Doctor Comes To Call
Everybody Lives - Everyone Knows
That Everyone Dies - And Nobody
Knows It Like The Doctor But
I Do Think That All The Skies
In All The Worlds Might
Just Turn Dark If He Ever
For One Moment Accepts It
1.gif Bow Ties Are Cool
Four Things And A Lizard
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Sad Is Happy For Deep People
Are You My Mummy
Time Is Not The Boss Of Me
Hey Who Turned Out The Lights
That's Very Not Good
A Madman With A Box
Hello Sweetie
Lots Of Planets Have A North
It's Bigger On The Inside
Lineage Lineage
Sunsong Amphipteres
Planet Of The Dead
Planet Of The Dead
Something - Something Is Coming
Riding Of The Wind And Shining
What Is It
Death - Death Is Coming
Doctor You Take Care Now
You Too
No - But You Be Careful Because
Your Song Is Ending Sir
It Is Returning
It Is Returning
Through The Dark
And Then Doctor
Oh But Then
He Will Knock Four Times
Survival Part I
Trial of a Time Lord
Sylvester McCoy
The Seventh Doctor
And Ace
There Are Worlds Out There
Where The Sky Is Burning
Where The Sea's Asleep
And The Rivers' Dream
People Made Of Smoke
And Cities Made Of Song
Somewhere There's Danger
Somewhere There's Injustice
Somewhere Else
The Tea's Getting Cold
Come On Ace
We've Got Work To Do
In All My Travelling
Throughout The Universe
I Have Battled Against Evil
Against Power-Mad Conspirators
I Should Have Stayed Here
The Oldest Civilisation
Decadent Degenerate
And Rotten To The Core
Power-Mad Conspirators
Daleks Sontarans Cybermen
They're Still In The Nursery
Compared To Us
Ten Million Years Of Absolute
Power That's What It Takes
To Be Really Corrupt
Work in Progress Work in Progress
The Impossible Astronaut
1.gif Every Time We Meet
I Know Him More
He Knows Me Less
I Live For The Days
When I See Him
But I Know That Every Time I Do
He'll Be One Step Further Away
And The Day's Coming
When I'll Look
Into That Man's Eyes
My Doctor
And He Won't Have The
Faintest Idea Who I Am And
I Think It's Going To Kill Me
Work in Progress
White x Frill
Planet Earth
The Satan Pit
Planet Earth
This Is Where I Was Born
And This Is Where I Died
The First Nineteen Years
Of My Life Nothing Happened
Nothing At All Not Ever
And Then I Met A Man
Called The Doctor
A Man Who Could Change His Face
And He Took Me Away From Home
In His Magical Machine
He Showed Me
The Whole Of Time And Space
I Thought It Would Never End
This Is The Story Of How I Died
1.gif The Pit Is Open
I Am The Rage And The Bile
And The Ferocity
I Am The Prince And The Fool
And The Agony
I Am The Sin And The Fear
And The Darkness
I Shall Never Die
The Thought Of Me Is Forever
In The Bleeding Hearts
Of Men
In Their Vanity
Obsession And Lust
Nothing Shall Ever Destroy Me
Work in Progress Work in Progress
Coastal Waverunners x Deep Sea
Doctor Who (1996 film)
A Time Lord Has Thirteen Lives
And The Master
Had Used All Of His But
Rules Never Meant Much To Him
So I Stowed His Remains Safely
For The Voyage Back
Because Even In Death
I Couldn't Trust Him
In All My Travels
Through Space And Time And
Nearing The End Of
My Seventh Life
I Was Finally Beginning To
Realise That You Could Never Be
Too Careful
Work in Progress
4th gen eggs gifted to me by wonderful people:

Who Blinks Nocturne
You Were My Doctor Spitfire
The Time War Ends Bluna x Shallow Water
Judoon Waverunner x Skywing
Can Stop It Waterhorse
Rut Necv Vine

5th gens:

The Master
Here Come The Drums

6th gens:

I'm Sorry I'm So Sorry

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