Breeding List

You may request an egg from any dragon on my scroll by sending me a PM at the Dragon Cave forum.

My prize dragon list is closed until IOU's have been fulfilled.
My metallic lists are currently closed.

I will accept five people on each breeding/biting list after which the list will be closed until all five requests have been filled.

While a lot of my dragons have preferred mates for my own personal breeding they are not set in stone and you may choose any mate you want as long as it does not result in an inbred egg. Inbreeding is only available within my planned inbreeding projects. Inbreeding is classified as any dragon repeated in the lineage no matter how obscure the relationship.

If you offer to breed me an egg in exchange I might accept if something on your scroll takes my fancy and I have the space. However, all my eggs are gifted and a trade is not necessary.

If the egg is intended for a specific mate and it genders wrong or refuses I am happy to breed a replacement.
Replacement eggs jump to the front of lists because we've all been there and know how frustrating that is.

Metallics. You can be on one gold and one silver list at a time. You can either request a specific pair or choose to go on my Non Specific Metallics list.

If my dragons produce a metallic egg and there is no list or no one claims it then it goes to the people on the non specific list. While none of my metallic lists are fast this is the quickest way to get a metallic from me.

Lists for metallic eggs from named dragons are closed at 2 people. My non specific metallics list closes at 3. If you wish to join my non specific metallics list please state if you prefer gold, silver, or don't mind. You can not choose both.

I reserve the right to close all requests for Metallics when I feel I have enough requests to cope with.

I do sometimes forget. If you think I have forgotten a promised breeding for you then a polite PM is appreciated and will not result in "the Foldin' o' the Arms" or "the Tappin' o' the Feets".

I apologise to those that were on the lists of:
Wedthu-Fri-Thuwed and Aglareb Fanuilos Dorkface
Aphrodite Thuwed and Precious Moon Dorkface
because Aglareb and Precious Moon now have broken lineages and can no longer be traced to Midas I have decided to discontinue their breeding.

My Breeding List.

Night's Custodian RH'Zek

  1. flitzthesoulreaper - with a CB

Jolly Noel Thuwed Zek and Arcadie Zek List Closed.

  1. Nalyua - Next white egg
  2. SnowSherry - white egg
  3. ainisarie - white egg
  4. kelverathewinged white egg
  5. Kaoto_Susanao235 Arcadie with Zmaj CH'Zek (EG47)

Sibling to A Little Time H'Zek

lulu_witch (red)

Golden Emerald Zek and Shadow Of The Sun King Zek List for gold egg closed. Black eggs open.

  1. (Gold) Felischia
  2. (Gold)SnowSherry

Ser'Rnayd D'Alsea CH'Zek and Rars'Kel Dusk CH'Zek List Closed.

  1. PonyTales
  2. Chiisai-hime

Merry Christmas (refused Symbolic)

  1. afie CB Black

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